Vast Beach Landscape

Seventeen foot long oil painting on canvas, depicting a vast beach landscape.

Vast Beach Landscape


Includes originals of all sizes including mini and trip-tics

Sandy Bay Gallery

Includes my vast beach landscape and other originals.

Sandy Bay Gallery


Zofia Aniela Lategano | Fine Artist/Photographer Biography

Featured Work

Virginia Farm in Summer

Title: VA Farm Summer 2007 Dimensions: 36 x 12 in Artist: Zofia ...

Ordering Photographs

Photographs may be ordered in several different sizes: 5X7 mini matted photo: ...

Vast Landscape Painting

This seventeen foot long oil painting on canvas, depicting a vast beach ...

Angel of the Sea

Title: Angel of the Sea Dimensions: 54 x 78 inches Artist: Zofia ...

Triple Dunes and Sky with Birds

   Title: Triple Dunes and Sky with Birds Dimensions: 8 x 35 ...

Sand Dunes Made of Yellow Sand

   Title: Sand dunes made of yellow sand Dimensions: 5 x 7 ...

Cape Hateras Lighthouse Old Location

   Title: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Old Location Dimensions: 15 x 30 in ...

Triple Colorful Sky and Water Panarama with Birds

     Title: Triple colorful sky and water panarama with birds Dimensions: ...


“Thank you for helping me to take ‘Our” beach memories home.”

– Judy Custer

“I really like the twin sea oats paintings. I like the way they are painted around the edges so you don’t need a frame.”

– Vlad Formanek

“WOW! We want a giclee of Isabel Inlet painting.”

– William and Anita Pinkston

“Wonderful paintings and photographs of my favorite places, Italy and the Outer Banks.”

– Daphne Van Tiem

“What a joy to meet such a talented beutiful person and to enjoy your art every day… heaven”

– Mary Ackinson

“The winter surf pictures are great. Foam, light, surfers!”

– Laurie Costello

“Love Zofia’s work! Absolutely breathtaking!”

– Tom and Michele Kerby

“We love the birds that travel between the frames.”

– Robert M Burchfield

“I love my painting, it is just like walking on the beach”

– Gary and Kay Childress

“Love the snowstorm at the Lighthouse”

“Thanks for your great photograph.  It was a treat to meet you! I love my picture.”

– Barbara Boyle

“I love the bright colors in your paintings.  Your cloud and sky paintings inspire me.”    also: “I request an original home page, Thank you”

– Dominique Ann

“Loved your cloud exhibition! My favorite is the thunderstorm cloud right above your sales desk!”

– Laf and Gundi

“Love your work!  We want a cloud mobile!”

– David and Charlotte Merrill

“I love your artwork, I feel inspired when I look at the painting of the woman flying.”

“We have an original Zofia! (from the first week of her gallery opening).  We like the painting because of the anatomy in the figure.”

– Carrie and Wallace Pearson

“We came in right after the last snow blizzard print was bought…and of course that’s the one we both have to have!”

– Rachel & Daniel

“Its beautiful here, you have a great gallery.”

– Hanna Antonsson

“The winter surf pictures are great. Foam, light, surfers!”

– Laurie Costello


– Aurelie Knapik